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nails doing things

A photo series capturing real nails in real life featuring Keavan Yazdani.

Credits: Shot by Jacqueline Ashton, nails by Shayna Pereria and Gabrielle Bautista.

we want you to feel good naked

Naked was founded in 2015, built from a customer’s perspective on the desire to bring modern self-care to our community, just the way we'd want to experience it. Naked quickly became the go-to spot for the best nails in Toronto. 

In 2018 we partnered with green cult beauty favourite F. Miller Skincare to develop our Naked Body skincare line; naturally formulated in Canada. Our products are tried, tested, and true. Naked Body is made simple and effective, and will easily level-up your self-care rituals. We've been using them in our services for almost 4 years, so you know they work!

Now, we’re redefining the self-care experience with a lifestyle focus. Specializing in creating multi-sensory experiences, pushing boundaries of self-care, and devoted to community building.

a photo series of real nails in real life.

nails doing things