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soft gel overlay


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what is soft gel overlay?

It is a soft gel polish that safely adds strength to your natural nails. This soft gel formula is thicker than your normal base coat to add a layer of strength, and preserves the condition of your natural nails due to its easy soak-off capabilities.

what is included in this service?

Our new soft gel overlay manicures will include nail shaping, full cuticle care, the application of soft builder gel. Following your manicure we will apply soft builder gel as the base, then paint.  

what's the difference between Soft Gel Overlay vs hard gel overlay?

The main difference is the porosity of the material and removal process which are the main properties of a soft and hard gel. Soft gel overlay is a gel polish that acts as a stronger base for your gel polish- it is porous and can be easily and safely removed by simply soaking with acetone. Acrylic/hard gel overlay are not as porous so the removal process includes filing off the gel for the acetone to penetrate and break down the product. The difference in porosity also makes hard gel stronger than soft gel, however a safe removal process is important to maintain nail health, and with soft gel you get the best of both worlds – strength and safety.

is it safe for your natural nails?

100% yes! The removal process is gentle and safe making it a great option for maintaining natural nail health. We don’t offer fills for soft gel overlays since the overlay can be safely removed by soaking it off, and it’s hygienic! This is what makes it a great alternative to acrylics or hard gel overlays.

what’s the removal process like?

Pretty simple: buff off the gel polish and soak the soft gel overlay in acetone for 10 minutes.

why should I get it? 

This service is great for people who need to strengthen their brittle nails, want to get their nails to a certain length, want to prevent breakage, and/ or want to smooth out the ridges in their natural nail plates.

curious to learn more? Give us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to help.