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series packs


Your favourite Naked nail services are now available in convenient bundles to keep you naked and keep your clothes on your back.


signature gel manicure pack $145
3 Signature Gel Manicures + Removal. $44 in savings ($21 in removals).

signature pedicure pack $145
3 Signature Pedicures. $23 in savings.

signature gel pedicure pack $170
3 Signature Gel Pedicures + Removal. $49 in savings ($21 in removals).


Partially used Series Packs: 
We understand that the 2020 lockdown really put a wrench in our nail care schedules, and you may have used some (but not all) of your Series Packs before we closed. We also understand that everyone's comfort level of coming into the shop differs, as well as ability to snag an appointment early. So we've decided that you will set your own expiry date! Partially used Series Packs will begin to expire 3 weeks from the first redemption day after July 6 2021. 

Fine print:
All packs e
xpire 60 from first use. Packs are non-transferable. Removals must be performed in conjunction with the bundled service. Cannot split up services.

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