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appointment waitlist


In preparation for our reopening, you can sign up for our waitlist to secure an appointment before we even open. 

how does it work?

It’s really quite simple: we will send you a form to complete with your booking information (contact, availability, services, etc). Once you submit the form, our team will either: book your appointment immediately or contact you for more info. When completing the waitlist form, use the same email address in which you received our mailer as we will be using that email to verify your position in our waitlist.


where can I find the waitlist form?

The waitlist form will be emailed to you in order of sequence:

  1. June 29: Appointments cancelled due to COVID closure
  2. July 1: VIP Top 100 clients
  3. July 3: Newsletter subscribers
  4. July 6: General pop


what do I need to complete the form?

A valid credit card, contact info, availability, and the services you’d like to receive.


how do I know my appointment has been made?

Your form submission gets you on the waitlist, but does not confirm your appointment has been booked. Please wait to receive our appointment confirmation email.

when will my appointment be confirmed?

We are working hard to get down the waitlist, please allow 2-3 business days for your appointment confirmation email.

how many appointments can I book?

You can book two appointments times (initial and a future appointment), and you can book multiple services for each appointment time (i.e., manicure and pedicure).

I’ve submitted my form but need to make a change

Contact us at and we’ll work with you to sort it out.

can I forward the waitlist form to my family/friends or book an appointment for someone else?

This appointment is only for you. This form cannot be forwarded to friends or family as we will be verifying your email address with our VIP and newsletter contact list. Submissions with unverified email addresses (not on our contact list) will be removed from our waitlist immediately. 

Look out for your people, and tell them to get on the newsletter before July 3!

I tried to make an appointment online, but it won’t work!

We’ve disabled our online booking at this time, so we’ll be doing the pre-bookings to ensure our schedule is maximized to allow us to service as many clients as we can. We’ve reserved between now and August 18 for pre-booking. Once we officially reopen, we will enable our online booking system.