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Naked x Greenhouse Booster Week

by naked team |

We're teaming up with Greenhouse from November 15-21 to bring you a week filled with goodies in-shop!

For booster week, Greenhouse will be providing boosters for you to sip on during your appointment, featuring a different flavour every day. Post an Instagram story tagging Naked and Greenhouse during your appointment and you'll receive:

  • 15% off at Greenhouse
  • $5 off your next Naked service
  • entry to a Naked giveaway 

Curious about the boosters? Here's a list of all the flavours and benefits of each one.

Farma C - 0 to 1,000mg of vitmain C in 60mLs flat. The daily supplement you'll look forward to taking. 1,111% RDA of vitamin C. Always-On Immune Support. Your sniffles season saviour.

Fiery Ginger - Light a fire under your immune system. Not feeling so hot? Little but fierce. Knock a few sips back and go forth, ready to set the world alight! more than just hot ginger. The kick in the pants your immune system needs. Your sniffles season saviour.

Inside Job - Go with your gut. Infused with 1 billion vegan probiotic CFUs. Your insides will thank you.

Pick-Me-Up - Yerba mate-powered motivation. Feeling that 3pm slump at *checks watch* 9:15am?! 😩 Worry not, Pick-Me-Up is here. 100mg of jitters-free caffeine. Wake up, go-go. 100mg of slow-release caffeine from organic yerba mate and green tea. Replacement for that second cup of coffee.

Mood Shine - Moon time? Mood Shine. For balance. Restore a sense of calm when things feel off-kilter. Helps with cycle regulation, pain relief, bloating, and reproductive health.

Detox - Hung-over it? Detox. Support your liver in its role of detoxification. The liver lover Booster. Supports long-term living health.

Glow - Happier skin starts from within. Supercharge collagen production in your body.

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