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Naked Nail Art Feature, Vol 2, July 2022.

by naked team |

Naked Nail Art Feature, Vol 2, Pressies, July 2022. 

Last year we released Volume 1 of our Naked Nail Art Feature Pressies. We wanted to showcase our talented nail techs and their unique art styles during a time when we couldn't invite clients to visit us IRL. 

As we all know, a lot can change in a year. This time around, we want to highlight our technicians ever-changing styles and introduce you to some of our new technicians.

Each of our nail tech's custom Pressie designs will be available to order for a limited time. As these Pressie sets are custom made by specific nail techs, please note that orders will take 7-10 business days to process.

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"seeing stars" by Shayna

"I like to pull inspiration from fashion, designers, and art. These pressies are inspired by 90s jelly sandals."


"reflection" by Tiffany

“Drawing inspiration from a nail artist I admire, Yuri Osuka, I wanted to bring that style of symmetry and line work to my design. Also, it’s kinda giving Tokyo, 3022!”


"abstract 2.0" by Hanna

"My last Pressie feature was an abstract design and abstract is still one of my fav nail art styles. I love being able to make my own interpretation of art and transferring it onto nails!"


"galaxie de fleurs" by Karla

"Pressies are fun because you can be subtle or super over the top, so I chose over the top! This flower set plays with texture in a way that would be hard to wear on everyday nails, but as a pressie it’s easy."


"new moon" by Tizi

"I love to read and this design is inspired by the greatest vampire series to ever exist. #teamedward"


"croc yang" by Sam

"I love the balance and harmony that the yin yang symbol represents. I decided to spice it up with a fun colourway and detail I know clients will like"


"smoke" by Cathy

"Sometimes I smoke to spark my imagination and get the creative juices flowing, so I’ve translated that onto my set."