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Naked Nail Art Feature, Vol 1, February 2021.

by naked team |

Naked Nail Art Feature Vol 1, Pressies, February 2021. 

During these times we know everyone misses visiting the shop, our team, and of coursethe nail art. But don't worry, as always - we got you!

We will be showcasing brand new designs by our talented nail techs at Naked. Our team has curated, designed, and painted never before seen designs that showcase their unique art styles.

Each of our nail tech's custom pressie designs will be available to order for a limited time. As these pressie sets are custom made by specific nail techs, please note that orders will take 7-10 business days to process.

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"stone" by Tiffany

"I chose this design for my set because it incorporates two of my fav things; tones of green and stone! I have always really enjoyed trying to replicate different stone and make it look as realistic as possible when it comes to nail art"


"universe" by Lama

"I chose this design because I believe in the power of the Universe. If you are the one that creates your reality, then the Universe is in you. My nail design is just a reminder of how big and great your Higher Self is. Trust yourself"

Shop "universe" by Lama.


"french with a twist" by Cathy

"I've always been a lil old school and I've always loved a good old French manicure, so I've decided to do a French manicure with a lil twist. Classy, sexy, and eye catching."

Shop "french with a twist" by Cathy.


"abstract" by Hanna

"I'm a huge fan of abstract art and I enjoy getting inspiration from abstract pieces. Everyone has their own unique perspectives and experiences abstract art differently. I like to challenge each person's imagination when creating designs like this."

Shop "abstract" by Hanna.


"pucci" by Manuela

"I chose to do a nail art feature based on the designs of Emilio Pucci because his work is very colorful and eye catching. This is something that I like to strive for in my own work since I like to think of myself as a very vibrant and out going person and I love colorful and funky nail art! I hope that when someone sees this set they immediately know it was done by Manu."

Shop "pucci" by Manuela.


"prada" by Steph


"Analyzing each of the pictures, I wanted to recreate the different textures, angles, and colours. Each picture was a different room and I wanted to translate each room on a nail.

I’m more of a simple nail art type of gal so testing my abilities trying to represent each room on a nail was ✨stress✨ but definitely worth knowing that I was able to do it!"

Shop "prada" by Steph.