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Nails Doing Things with Kendra Yee

by naked team |

Nails Doing Things. A photo series capturing real nails in real life featuring Kendra Yee.

Meet Kendra Yee, a Tkaronto / Toronto based artist, designer, and curator. Her practice revolves around the collaboration and experimentation of mediums through the creation of paintings, pottery figures or panel-based illustrations. She pulls tales from; personal stories, lived experience and collective narratives to develop site-specific installations. As of recently, she has been exploring the possibilities of ceramics by developing a series of vesseled sculptures inspired by microscopic lifeforms and the healing processes of clay. When she's not in the studio, she can usually be found biking late to an event or skipping the youtube advertisements on her iPad.

Shot by Jacqueline Ashton
Nails by Tiffany Sachs