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Nails Doing Things with Nick's Jewellery

by naked team |

A photo series capturing real nails in real life featuring Nick's Jewellery.

Nick's Jewellery is a family owned business that's been serving high quality jewellery to its community since 1999. Located in the heart of Little Portugal, Toronto, the Vo family are all hands on deck servicing clients, fixing jewellery, and creating custom pieces. With the recent addition of Nick Vo, son to owners Huong and Ca Vo, they're making strides into the contemporary space with that timeless feel. Whether you're repairing a precious family heirloom, replacing your battery watch, or adding a new piece to your collection, Nicks Jewellery has been a staple in the community to be that go-to spot you can count on.

Credits: Shot by Jacqueline Ashton, nails by Shayna Pereira and Karla Branco