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Gel Polish Pedicures, Always

by Maya Lewis-Santiago |

We’re all familiar with regular polish pedicures - you wait 30+ minutes in the shop for it to dry, leave the shop in your sandals in the dead of winter, maybe smudge a toe, all that for the polish to chip and dull within a week. This doesn’t have to be your life!

Let’s talk about why we love gel polish pedicures and why you should love them too. 


What is gel polish?

It’s a long-lasting, odourless polish that dries instantly under an LED light. 


I usually get regular polish, why should I get gel polish on my toes?

Gel polish dries instantly, is guaranteed not to chip, and stays shiny for at least 2 weeks (usually longer on the toes). This makes it perfect for the upcoming winter because you can put your shoes on without worrying about ruining your fresh polish. 


How long does it last?

While this depends largely on your lifestyle, gel polish generally stays chip-free and shiny for up to 2 weeks. However, we find that it usually lasts an additional 2-3 weeks longer on our toes. Pro tip: use a foot file 1-2 times a week and your gel pedi will stay looking fresher, longer! 

Mention this blog post at your next appointment or use code GELPEDI online and purchase a foot file for the discounted price of $5. Limited time only.


How do you remove gel polish?

We take extra care during the removal process by gently buffing down the top coat with a nail file, then soak your nail with cotton and acetone. We leave it wrapped in foil like that for up to 10 minutes then gently scrape the polish off with a cuticle pusher so as to not damage the nail bed. And bonus! Removals are included with your service if your last pedicure was with us.


To put it simply, gel polish pedicures last longer, dry instantly, guaranteed not to chip for the next 4-6 weeks, and your removal is on the house. So really, why not gel polish pedicures?!