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2021 Re-Reopening, Again

by naked team |

Let's try this again shall we? Yes it looks like we will be reopening!

As our city begins Phase 1 of reopening on June 11, we aren't open just yet. We are included in Phase 2 of the reopening process which we have yet to receive a confirmed date from the city. So, this means that we are closed atm.

Good news is that Phase 2 could begin 21 days from today, so we are preparing for that. But we repeat, currently we remain closed until the city announces the start of Phase 2. 

By the time we open it'll be about 7 months since we've seen you and we can't wait to open our doors and bless those nails and skin. We've always prioritized health and safety, so nothing new here because we've been on it, but we wanted to remind you of how we'll be keeping you and our team safe during your visit. See health + safety measures.

Waitlist Info
Yes, you can secure your appointment before we open. We will send you a form to complete with your booking information and once you submit the form, our team will be in touch to confirm the appointment.

Our reopening date is TBC, so please indicate your full availability for July and August to help us secure your appointment once we confirm our date.

The waitlist form will be emailed to you in order of sequence:
June 12: VIP Top 100 clients + Newsletter subscribers
June 13: General pop

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